Some Poetry

Some Poetry

I wrote you some poems. I'll keep them here for you.

All writing contained in this blog is my own original work unless otherwise stated.

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I have repeated your name
An embrace of oration I have enveloped
The verbal representation of the creator
Of feelings I cannot name,
Nor describe
I have wound you round as an exclamation,
Intangible effigy worn smooth
And devoid of meaning

Sun god rise,
Moon god,
Hang in tribute,
I sleep soundly in the pocks of your face
I creep quietly through the fractures of your faith

Infinite and invisible in incomprehension
Distance measured in eternities at great speed
I am anchored to your universal impact
Through the simple fact
Of your existence
Karmic path
Of least resistance

On dying vicariously

The ground is quaking
Asphalt cracks like the sidewalks paved over the path to which
The tree roots had already laid claim
We reach our way
Slowly into the foundation
We wrap the tiniest fingers around the molecular composition of your opposition
And slowly pull it apart
The ground is quaking
I can only feel it when I hold still and hold my breath and hold my tongue
And close my eyes and try to hear past the white noise roaring -
Did you feel that?

And there is a forest beyond the rank-and-file picketers,
Proud signs high
Read “Nothing to see
There’s teargas in the blood now,
Sanctioned unrest
Fire hose

Chilled - 
Blood of an enemy
An ugly stain
Nine millimeter round,
Six millimeter frame

She falls in love with every guy that reminds her of her father

She longs to be precious -
A controlled substance
Under lock and key
And protected
Injected -
Through her nights she
Has these dreams where the boys quibble
Over the miniscule grains of her which loose
And tumble
From the frayed fringes
Of her existence
Menacing dance renditions
Pirouetting syringes
Her first love was a craftsman
Made a few tomorrows of a thousand todays
Conjured sorrows of borrowed colors
Returned once faded grey
Turned a home
Into a cage
A straight road into a maze
Turned an entire lifetime
Into a haze
And she would melt over his flame
A sacrifice of first born
Chopped, torn
Through the puffy white clouds that should have resembled childish things
Morphing into other childish things
But were always, instead
Perfectly round,
And disposable

There was a word which dripped
Like honey from
The speaker’s
A spell
As a stone,
As a heartbeat
Sounded like
The wind through
A dense forest
Finely combined with
Mourning Dove Call,
Newborn baby coo,
Laughter of
Genuine joy -
Spoken first by
The first tongue to
Ever truly love
It was
Written in the stars -
A passphrase which pacified
The most ferocious beasts
Ever known
Brought warmth to frigid places
Light to darkened spaces
Alphanumeric and
At least seven

This candle throws shadows
Across the wall
Penetrates the darkness
Illuminates our faults
Exaggerates every edge from which
We could fall
Makes minuscule matters
Twelve feet tall

There’s an exit strategy
On both sides of the coin
I flip it,
You call it
There’s a purpose behind my left ear
Enlightenment stashed safely
In my wallet

And shudders
Earlobe, neck
Language of lovers
Lips, tongue
And her kiss
An ovation,
From the hairs
Of the back
Of my neck
Of a heartbeat,
Of a car wreck

They want me to hate you

They want me to hate you
I have been trained
To hold myself against you
And I am a flickering flame and
You are combustible,
The same
Your god is different than my god then
My god
Do I hate you -
Your skin is different than my skin then
My skin
Should never touch yours
My father was a firestorm,
Loved everything and turned it grey
Taught me to rebel against lessons
To question the purpose and the meaning
To analyze motive and maintain integrity in any cost
And we all look the same
And we all love the same
And we all bleed the same
They want me to hate you
I’ve been praying to a righteous justification
His retort was silence,
Blinding light in a splitting headache and
I still love you,
Imperfect and haunted I have always loved you
Colors of the rainbow,
Creeds of all tongues and gods
Much closer to the ground than my own –
Dirt should not war
Against dirt

When I am cold you make me warm and
When I am alone you are
Never far from me and
Is it supposed to hurt like this?
You are the tear-stealing-fingertip
My “Babe, you ain’t
Seen nothin’ yet”
The forgive but never
The forget but
Is it supposed to hurt
Like this?
You are my thirst
Feast upon
You are ready,
Last request -
A kiss but
Is it supposed
To hurt

The Take

Sleeping soundly,
Upon back,
Open mouth
In the rain

We’ve been dancing for drought
Placing our faith in doubt
Placing our bets then
Sleeping in the beds
We made
Of the take

In this muggy August heat
This relentless 
She sticks to me 
Even more
Than she usually

I sing without inhibition
With concern for no opinion
And she sings
Jeff Buckley 
With me

Hallelujah, Lover 
Psyches on the mend
Hallelujah, Lover 
This night shall 

In this muggy August heat
This relentless
She sticks to me
Even more
Than she usually

I sing without inhibition
With concern for no opinion
And she sings
Jeff Buckley
With me

Hallelujah, Lover
Psyches on the mend
Hallelujah, Lover
This night shall

I want to tell you
You are free
But you are not
Behind you drags a chain
The length of a wedding train
And everyone has turned out in
But they’re hanging their black jackets up in the back
Kicking off their black shoes
They’re laying out their slacks flat
In preparation for
The next celebration
They’re hanging all the flowers out
To dry
Preparedness can come across as eagerness and
Indistinguishable things are often just
The same thing

I want to tell you
You are beautiful
But you are not
The corners of your eyes are crusted with the remnants of a blissful slumber but
The palms of your hands are those of a working man
Or a soldier
Decay rides your breath and
Your right shoulder sits higher
Than your left
You were
Created in the image of a vengeful,
Jealous god

Pretty Please

They can’t tell where or why or how or when but
They can assure me everything
Will be OK if
I just do my part
Just did my part paid
Taxes paid dues paid late fees
And interests,

Learned to kill and to avoid being killed in the name of
In the name of
In the name of…
We’ll get back to you on the name
Hurry up,
Hurry up and wait -
My patriotism unquestioned in
Unquestioning uniform in
Unrelenting uniformity
But one man’s terrorist
Is another man’s journalist and
We need free thinkers,
We need minds spoken and
We need the fucking crowd to disperse -

You can be anything you want to be
So long as you picked from the list
Of preapproved specialties
That’ll be
The next fifteen years of your life,
Pretty Please